FleeTheFrenzy - Ode to the Deserters

Desertion as strategy for peace

The Brussels Brecht-Eislerkoor undertook this initiative to create a project about 'desertion' jointly with the non-profit organisation Vrede vzw. Waanvlucht-FleetheFrenzy advocates a rehabilitation of the Deserter: a musical-theatre show interpreted by 160 singers, three soloists, a team of actors and three percussionists. The choirs lead the audience to various nearby locations evoking the madness of war, where actors perform on the theme of desertion. Seven choirs from all the Belgian regions will perform the musical-theatre FleeTheFrenzy - Ode to the deserters. Under direction of Ruud Gielens an Marijs Boulogne, assited by Vital Schraenen. The American composer Frederic Rzewski wrote a composition on several voices in eight mouvements or songs in seven different languages using existing texts, such as Antigone, Non Serviam bij Jeremy (bible) or traditionals from Italy.
in coproduction with th Kaaitheater in Brussels

With the support of Flemish regional authorities (projects for Brussels and cultural policy) the Flemish community commission and the Brussels Capital Region - Visitbrussels

Shows Music-theater

La world premiere will take place in Brussels, on saturday 20th september 2014 at 8 pm, and on sunday 21th september at 4 pm and 6 pm Reservations: www.kaaitheater.be In Ghent on 12th october 2014 in Minardschouwburg and surroundings, at 2:30 pm and at 6 pm Reservations: www.minard.be In Liège,on 13tn december 2014, in Cité Miroir, 22, place Xavier Neujean. Reservations: www.citemiroir.be


Directed by: Ruud Gielens, Marijs Boulogne and Vital Schraenen / Dramaturgy: Marijs Boulogne / Music: Frederic Rzewski / choirs directors: Lieve Franssen, Francis Danloy, Tom Deneckere, Luk Cluysen, Mouchette Liebman, Peter Spaepen and Lucy Grauman. Choirs: Brussels Brecht-Eislerkoor, Novecanto, C'est des Canailles, Omroerkoor, Chorale Rue de la Victoire, Stemmer and Ik zeg Adieu / Actors: Amber Goethals, Gorges Ocloo, Karim Kalonji, Isabelle Wéry, Caroline Cornélis / Solistes: Kobe Baeyens, Noëmie Schellens, Lucy Grauman / Percussions: Triatu
texts: 'De Zombiekorporaal' and 'Teken zijn onze vijanden/les Tiques sont nos ennemis' by Marijs Boulogne 'Monkey see Monkey do' by Gorges Ocloo

general information about the project FleeTheFrenzy, witnesses and historic documentations (blog): www.desertie.be