International Song of the Deserter

for choirs, groups and individuals all around the world

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The text of the new song was written by Elvis Peeters and the music composed by Dick van der Harst. All contributions will be collected by Jan Vromman , video artist, who will process the material in a performance and in an installation.
the young editor Jasper Flikschuh from Les Mecs will put all contributions together on the final 'Wall of the Deserter'

download the scores of 'Say No!' by Dick van der Harst
download the text of 'Say No!' by Elvis Peeters

director and video Jan Vromman | text Elvis Peeters and others | music  Dick Van der Harst | Wim Koninck | Wim Segers Lieselot | De Wilde and many others | montage  Jasper Flikschuh | conducter  Lieve Franssen | Peter Spaepen | Dominique Maes | choirs Brussels Brecht-Eislerkoor| Stemmer | Novecanto and many other | visuals  Les Mecs | live animation  Laura vandewynckel  testimonies Javier Garante | Piet Chielens | and many more

International participants

Country name town website
Africa Globe Aroma Brussel
Australië Climate march Sidney
België Brussels Brecht-Eislerkoor Brussel
Rue de la Victoire Brussel
Novecanto Gent
Canada Notre Dame des Bananes Edmonton
Congo Kinch & Rafiki Congo-Brussel
Denemarken Oktoberkoret Kopenhagen
Germany Ernst-Busch-Chor Berlijn
Buchtstrassen Chor Bremen
Bundschuh Chor Oldenburg
Egypte ZigZig Caïro
France ZAD vengeurs Amiens
La chorale modus vivendi Albi choralemodusvivendi
Greece t.b.c. Kreta - Brussel
Great-Britain Protest in Harmony Edingburgh
Sea Green Singers Oxford
Cardiff Reds Choir Cardiff
Strawberry Thieves Socialist Choir Londen
Red Notes Choir Bristol
Keshco London
India Sandip Banerjee Kolata
Israël Cultural Centre Jaffa Jaffa
Italy In coro Ingrato Milano
Coro dei Malfattore Parma
Nederland Jan en Alleman Den Haag
Tegen de Wind mee Breda
New-Zealand Peace action Wellington Wellington
Austria Gegenstimmen Wenen
Palestina Kamel Badarneh en Atta Nazareth- Brussel
Serbia Women in Black Belgrado
Spain Solfonica Madrid
Voces para lajusticia social Madrid
USA Raging Grannies Washington
Seattle Labour Chorus Seattle
Zuid Afrika Zululand Gospel Choir t.b.c.
Russia found footage

in 2014 the Brussels Brecht-Eislerkoor asked the American-Belgium composer Frederic Rzewski to write the 'Ode to the Deserter'. Under direction of Marijs Boulogne and Ruud Gielens it was performed in 2014 by 6 choirs and 10 artists.

One of the famous compositions of Frederic Rzewski for choirs is 'No More War. This round can be heard here sung by the Brussels Brecht-Eislerkoor:

Stop the War from brussels Brecht-Eislerkoor on Vimeo.

The choir Gegenstimmen in Vienna used the song 'No more War' by Frederic Rzewski in a Flash mob
< Stop the War by Gegenstimmen